Erma 'Beng' Delima

Female Human Charismatic Hero 1 ( mutated )


CR 2; medium – sized human ( mutated ) HD: 1d6 + 1; HPS: 7; MAS 13; INIT + 0; SPD: 30 ft. ; DEFENSE 13, touch 11 flat-footed 12 ( 10 + 1 DEX + 2 armor bonus [ sports pads, non proficient ] ) BAB + 0; GRAP + 0; ATK + 0 melee ( 1D6 + 0; crit 19, slashing cleaver ); ATK + 1 ranged ( 2d6; crit 20, ballistic; zip shotgun ); FS 5 ft. by 5 ft. ; REACH 5 ft. ; SQ mutations (Ex); Al self; current group; goodness SVS: FORT + 2 *REF + 0 WILL + 0 AP 5; REP + 3; STR 11 DEX 12 + 1 CON 13 + 1 INT 11 WIS 10 CHA 14 + 2



※ lived a fairly comfortable life with family before the apocalypse, pursuing singing and the usual teen age drinking sprees & flirting and getting laid with boys ; studies cut up to high school level, and did a little manual labor as family’s financial level went down to poverty level + 2

※ survived as a Scavenger going around the unclaimed area of caloocan & Quezon City, doing manual labor when needed & living a rural lifestyle, with one instance of being captured by marauders & escaping using her feminine wiles + 4

※ living in the territory of the new malacanang republic doing work as a waitress, barrista, singer & prostitute + 4

FEATS : simple weapons proficiency, deceptive, Trustworthy

MUTATIONS ( EX ) : total MP value: 7

Ability Decay ( wis )( drawback ): – 2 wis ( originally 12 )

Chameleon skin ( minor ): Beng’s skin can now change color to match the surroundings around her. She gains a + 4 mutation bonus on hide (dex) checks when this happens. This bonus is reduced to a + 2 if she is wearing clothing or armor.

*Lethargy ( drawback ): The electrical impulses in beng’s central nervous system has slowed down, making her have trouble reacting quickly to danger. She has – 2 penalty to all her reflex saves.

Pheromone attraction ( major ): Beng can regulate the production of pheromones in her body & release them at will, altering the moods of nearby creatures. She gains +4 mutation bonus on all cha checks for made against creatures 30 ft. away from her.

Unnatural eyes ( cosmetic ): The color of Beng’s eyes changes drastically to suit her mood. when she is relaxed & at ease, its blue-grey; it turns crimson when she is angry; it turns yellow when she is afraid; & it turns obsidian black, hiding her pupils when she is sad.

Unnatural hair ( cosmetic ): Beng’s hair has mutated into thick spiky brown colored membraneous clumps, which as a whole resemble long dreadlocks, and is styled by her as such.

Unnatural skin ( cosmetic ): Beng’s whole body complexion has changed into concrete grey.

Weak immune System ( drawback ): Beng’s mutations have made her body more prone to infections, sickness & disease. She has a – 2 penalty to all fort saves vs. poisons, disease, & radiation sickness.

Talents ( charismatic hero ):

Charm: beng gets a bonus equivalent to her charismatic hero level in all cha checks made to influence members of the opposite sex.

occupation: dilettante: + 1 int checks on current events

allegiances: herself, her current group, goodness

Languages: Filipino ( tagalog, waray ), English

Power Group Relationships:

The enforcers + 1 (positive)

The restorationists + 1 (positive)

The marauders + 1 (negative)

One Unique Thing:

Beng has developed the ability to recognize a whole song or even one musical piece by just being able to just one note, or even a half note of it. She is then able to sing or hum it in its entirety. She is also able to know the singer & composer of the musical piece. It is not known if this ability of beng’s is also the result of the mutations she has acquired, but this one unique thing of hers has helped her survive by singing in the taverns of the new malacanang republic territory of former manila alongside waitressing & bar tending.


zip shotgun, (35) 12 ga buckshot, cleaver, leather jacket, day pack, 3 sets of casual clothing, 2 canned goods, 4 days of preserved food, 4 pcs of mild medicine, 2 pcs of moderate medicines, book ( ’she’s dating the gangster’), can opener, posporo ( 20 ) pcs. cigarette lighter, 2 pcs of toiletries kit, Backpack, sports pads, cheer foods: bag of lays potato chips, snickers, flashlight (standard), (2) batteries

encumbrance: 40.5 # ( light load )

(+1 str bonus for carrying capacity, str = 12)

Erma 'Beng' Delima

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