CR 2; medium – sized humanoid; HD 1d6 + 3; HPS 9; MAS 13*; INIT + 0; SPD 20 ft. ( 25 ft.** );

DEFENSE 12, touch 11, flat – footed 12 ( + 0 dex, + 1 class, + 1 leather jacket ; BAB + 0; GRAP + 3;

ATK/FULL ATK + 3 melee ( 1d4 + 3/19-20, knife ) or + 3 melee ( 1D8 + 3, Ratchet ) or + 3 melee ( 1d6 + 3, claw ) or + 3 melee ( 1d3 & paralysis 1d6 rounds ( fort save DC 15 )

or + 0 ranged ( 1d10/19-20, crossbow )

FS 5 ft. by 5 ft. REACH 5 ft.

SQ Poor vision, low – light vision, mutations AL Current group, new age & occult beliefs, goodness;

SV FORT + 4 REF + 0 WILL + 4; AP 5;

REP + 1; STR 16 DEX 11 CON 16 INT 11 WIS 16 CHA 13

OCCUPATION: White Collar ( Bonus: +1 to int checks to use Computers & electronic gadgets, +1 Diplomacy [ cha ] checks )


※Finished AB Psychology in Pasig catholic college +1

※seminarian for a few years +1

※ studied & practiced various systems of divination – particularly tarot, runes, Chinese astrology & fengshui- plus new age thinking & the occult, applying them as a full-time psychic consultant for a few years + 4

※Worked as a call center agent in various companies up until the time of the apocalypse + 4

LANGUAGES: Speak/Read/Write English, Speak/Read/Write Filipino

FEATS: BLIND FIGHT***, Wild talent, Simple Weapons Proficiency

Wild talent: detect psionics: 3x a day, no power point cost, Manifester level = character level;

MUTATIONS ( Ex ): Xyrux Deus has the ff. Mutations & drawbacks:

Achilles Heel: Xyrux Deus has a major weakness that can be exploited. Any attack roll made to confirm a critical hit against him gains a + 4 circumstance bonus.

Brittle Bones*: Xyrux’s bones has weakened to such an extent that he can no longer withstand hard or sudden impacts. His massive damage threshold is decreased by 3 points & he takes an extra 1d6 points of damage from a fall.

Claws: Xyrux’s hands have mutated into sharp claws. He has a claw attack that deals 1d6 + 3 points of slashing damage. His claws are considered natural weapons that do not provoke attacks of opportunity. Having claws do not affect Xyrux’s manual dexterity.

Direction Sense: As long as Xyrux is awake, he can perceive what direction is true north.

Hypersensitivity***: Xyrux is unnaturally sensitive to his surroundings. He has a + 2 mutation bonus on listen, search & spot skill checks. He also has the Blind-Fight feat for free.

Psionic Talent ( Minor ) 1: Daze – Xyrux can cloud the mind of a medium sized or smaller target up to 30 ft. away, making it unable to take any actions for 1 round. The target is not stunned, but he can’t attack or move, use special attacks, etc. Creatures with 5 or more HD or levels of experience are not affected by this, however. Xyrux can manifest this power up to 3x a day, at manifester level 1.

Psionic Talent ( Minor ) 2: Missive – As an attack action, Xyrux can send a telepathic message consisting of up to ten words to any living creature up to 30 ft. away. This is strictly a one-way communication between him & the target, & he & the target must share a common language for the message to be understood. He can manifest this power up to 3x a day at manifester level 1.

Reduced Speed**: Xyrux is unable to move quickly as normal due to his mutations. His speed is reduced by 5 ft. ( SPD 25 ft. )


Xyrux Deus has the ff. special qualities:

Low – Light Vision ( Ex ): Xyrux Deus can see twice as far as normal in poorly lit conditions. He can also distinguish colors in such conditions.

Poor Vision ( Ex )****: Xyrux Deus has bad eyesight. He takes – 2 penalty on spot checks & takes a – 4 penalty on range attacks for each range increment ( instead of the usual – 2 penalty .

TALENTS ( Dedicated Hero ): Empathy

ENCUMBRANCE: 47 lbs., light load )

POSSESSIONS: Crossbow, 43 crossbow bolts, knife, ratchet, leather jacket, standard flashlight, 2 batteries, 5 chemical light sticks, backpack, 3 pcs. of preserved food, ( 2 )Torches, Ratchet, tent ( 8 person dome ), 2 batteries for stun gun, stun gun


One Unique Thing:

Xyrux still carries the ashes of his ex boyfriend, Nathaniel Daniel, in a can. The ex boyfriend was with him at the exact time of the apocalypse, although they were separated already at that time. Xyrux survived; the ex didnt. For a few days, in a ruined building that was once a restaurant, Xyrux was just huddled in a corner & hugging his ex’ corps until the reality of the latter’s death finally dawned upon him. Xyrux was then able to find everything needed to build a funeral pyre for the ex lover’s corpse. And so he proceeded to cremate the ex lover’s corpse & the ash left behind he proceeded to stuff into a can which he carries around with him to this day. At times his comcompanions overhear him talking to the can of ash as if it was still his ex lover still alive & interacting with him.

Interacting with the ashes of his ex lover can enable xyrux at times to come up with selected information that is suprisingly accurate, factual, as if the ex bf was actually present at the time he asks the question. This enables xyrux to gain relevant information as if a skill check was made to gain information into the following areas ( only ): business ( business procedures, investment strategies, corporate structures, bureaucratic procedures and how to navigate them, bartering ), current events (recent happenings in the news, sports, politics, entertainment, foreign affairs), popular culture ( popular music & personalities, genre films &:books, urban legends, comics, science fiction, and gaming, among others ), streetwise ( street & urban culture, local underworld personalities & events ), technology (current developments in cutting-edge devices, as well as the background necessary to identify various technological devices.

Power group relationships:

the restorationists + 2 ( positive )

the enforcers + 1 ( positive )


AFTERMATH: NIBIRU 2012 ! sarthoth_7