Female Overt Canine Moreau Dedicated Hero 1 ( mutated )


CR 2; medium – sized humanoid; HD 1D6 + 1; HPS 7; MAS 13; INIT +1;

SPD 30 FT.( 20 FT, encumbered, medium ); DEFENSE 13, touch 12, flat – footed 12 ( + 1 DEX, + 1 class, + 1 leather jacket )

BAB + 0; GRAP + 0; ATK: + *1 melee ( 1D4/19-20, knife ) or + *1 melee ( 1D6, bite )

or + *1 melee ( 1D6, tailslap ) or + *2 ranged ( 1D10/19-20, Crossbow )

FULL ATK: + 1 melee ( ( 1D6, bite ) & -4 melee ( 1D6, tailslap )

or + *1 melee ( 1D4/19-20, knife ) & – *4 melee ( 1D6, tailslap ); FS 5 FT. by 5 FT.;

REACH 5 FT.; SQ: low-light vision, blind – fight, direction sense, scent, mutations

AL: memory of the ways of her former master, her current group, goodness; SV: FORT + 0 REF + 1 WILL + 5;

AP 5 REP +2; STR 10 DEX 13 CON 13 INT 9 WIS 18 CHA 9

Languages: Read/Write/Speak Filipino ( tagalog)

※ successfully survived from being just a house pet to the time she gained human level consciousness, to the current time with her group + 2

※ survived in the ‘no mutants zone’ ( a large part of what was formerly Quezon City ) to successfully reach the territory of the mutant arm of radillos ( part of manila from the former quirino Ave, through what was formerly pasay & paranaque, up to the interchange before the area of the former bacoor, cavite ), where she found some stability in living + 3

※ lived for a year within the territory of the mutant arm of radillos, becoming a member of its militia, until differences of viewpoints held by her started conflicting with those generally adopted by the militia made her move on & eventually reside this time in the new malacanang republic main territory ( former manila area from what was once quirino ave to the outskirts of what was once caloocan ) where she joined her current group + 3

FEATS: Oathbound, Simple Weapons Proficiency, blind fight*

OCCUPATION: Dilettante ( Bonus: + 1 to all Intimidate [ cha ] checks )

MUTATIONS ( Ex ): Boyita has the ff. mutations & drawbacks:

Ability Decay: Boyita’s body suffers from some marked deterioration; her dexterity is permanently decreased by 2.

Direction Sense: Boyita always knows what direction True North is.

Fangs: Boyita has vicious fangs that deliver a bite attack with 1D6 points of piercing damage. It is a natural weapon that does not provoke attacks of opportunity. Boyita can attack with her bite several times if she is entitled to multiple attacks in a combat round.

Frailty: Boyita’s body is particularly vulnerable to the ravages of poison, disease, radiation, & other ailments. She also has trouble stabilizing when severely wounded. She takes a -2 penalty on all fortitude saves, including saves made to stabilize at negative hitpoints.

*Hypersensitivity: Boyita is particualrly sensitive to her surroundings. She has a +2 mutation bonus on listen, search, & spot checks. She also has Blind-Fight as a bonus feat.

Leaper: Boyita has the ability to leap incredible distances. She has a +10 mutation bonus on all jump checks.

Pheromone Repulsion: Boyita releases pheromones that other creatures find repulsive. she has a -4 penalty on all diplomacy & handle animal checks made against creatures within 30 ft. of her.

Second Wind: Boyita can shrug of minor wounds with ease. Once per day, as a free action, she can heal herself a no. of points of damage equal to her constitution modifier (1).

Tail: Boyita has a thick fur-covered, slender, whip-like tail which gives her a +2 mutation bonus on all balance checks. She can also use her tail to make a slam attack that deals 1D6 points of bludgeoning damage. It is a natural weapon that does not provoke attacks of opportunity. Boyita can attack with her tail slap several times if she is entitled to multiple attacks. It is usually used by her as a secondary weapon.

Weak Immune system ( – 2 fort saves vs poison, disease, & radiation sickness )

TALENT ( Dedicated Hero ): Empathy

POSSESSIONS: Knife, Crossbow, 23 crossbow bolts, Leather Jacket, Preserved Food ( 6 ), Rope 150 ft., Philippine Road Atlas map, Moderate medicine, Standard Binoculars, Backpack, [ 3 ] Torches, fatigue jacket,1 set casual clothing, [ 20 ] pcs posporo

ENCUMBRANCE: 45 lbs. ( encumbered, medium: – 5 circumstance penalty to all balance, climb, escape artist, hide, jump, move silently, & tumble checks )



Power group relationships:

Mutant arm of radillos + 2 ( conflicted )

The maharlikans + 1 (negative )

One Unique Thing:

The one strong memory that persisted even when Boyita obtained human level consciousness was the memory of the times spent with one of her previous masters’ – AT3 – who she came to consider her main master, as she now only vaguely remembers her other masters. She seeks to emulate to the best of her understanding the ways of this AT3, especially the way the latter would think & react in a no. of situations, as Boyita would every now & then talk in reference to this former master in prolonged conversations, citing how her master would think & do in any given situation as examples to get her point across to others.

It is Boyita’s secret wish to either see her master again or at least to reclaim whatever is left of him if possible, since her master wasn’t with her when the apocalypse occurred.

Because of her master’s closeness to Xyrux Deus,Tagpi " Black Eye " Tsu & Tsoklit before the apocalypse, Boyita seeks to cultivate close ties with the these three as much as possible, which makes her at least tolerate whatever differences she may have with the three, especially with Tagpi.


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