CR 1; medium – sized human; HD 1D6 + 3 HP 9 MAS 16 Init + 2

SPD ( 30 ft. ) 20 ft.

DEFENSE 16, touch 13, flat – footed 14 ( + 2 DEX, + 1 class, + 1 leather jacket + 2 sports pads )

BAB + 0 GRAP + 2

ATK/FULL ATK + 2 melee ( 1d3 + 2, unarmed strike* ) or + 2 melee ( 1d4/19-20, knife )

or + 2 melee ( 1d8, Ratchet ) or + 2 ranged ( 2d6, TEC – 9 9mm machine pistol )

FS 5 ft. by 5 ft. REACH 5 ft. SQ psionic wild talent AL the great white brotherhood, law, good

SV FORT + 4 REF + 2 WILL + 4 AP 5 REP + 1 STR 15 DEX 14 CON 16 INT 16 WIS 16 CHA 15

SKILLS: balance + 2 bluff + 2 climb + 2 computer use + 3 concentration + 3 diplomacy + 2

disguise + 2 drive + 2 escape artist + 2 gather information + 2 handle animal + 3 hide + 2

intimidate + 2 jump + 2 knowledge ( arcane lore ) + 7 knowledge ( business ) knowledge ( tactics) + 4

+ 8 knowledge ( theology ) + 5 listen + 5 move silently + 2 navigate + 3 profession ( business manager ) + 7

read/write english read/write filipino research + 5 ride + 2 sense motive + 7 speak english

speak filipino spot + 7 survival + 4 swim + 2 treat injury + 3

FEATS: Personal Firearms Proficiency, Simple Weapons Proficiency, Wild Talent

OCCUPATION: White Collar [ Bonus Skills: Knowledge ( Business ), Knowledge ( Research ) ]


Far Hand ( from Wild Talent Feat ): Matt has the power to lift & move objects weighing up to 5 lbs. After manifesting the power as an attack action, Matt can then move it 15 ft. in any direction. At this time matt can lift & move objects of up to 30 ft. away from him. The power ends if the distance between Matt & the object exceeds said range. Matt can manifest this power up to 3 times a day, at manifester level 1.

TALENT ( Dedicated Hero ): Empathy

POSSESSIONS: ghillie suit, multi – purpose tool, backpack, TEC – 9 9mm machine pistol,

2 box magazine with 9mm ammo, backpack, torch, rope 150 ft., standard range pack, Ratchet,

walkie – talkie ( standard )( 28 ) preserved food, Geiger counter with 2 batteries, shovel, NBC suit

Encumbrance: 96 lbs. ( encumbered, medium: – 5 circumstance penalty to all balance, climb,

escape artist, hide, jump, move silently, & tumble checks )



Matt de Leon was living with his two sisters in the outskirts of Fremantle, Australia in the eve of the apocalypse of December 21, 2012, having at that time already established himself as a successful young executive while actively pursuing his spiritual activities devoted to the Great White Brotherhood. All of this was eliminated in the blink of an eye though, as Matt found himself the sole survivor among his siblings in Fremantle, with his father being in mainland China at that time, while his mother was in the Philippines. He didn’t know what became of them shortly after the apocalypse.

After over a year of meditating, picking up the pieces of his life while seeking to contact the Great White Brotherhood to find out how to carry on in the aftermath of an apocalypse that undoubtedly came to pass as it was predicted, & just surviving on a day-to-day basis in the new world he found himself in, Matt started to continuously feel during his meditations a powerful urge to travel to the direction of the Philippines. After not being able to ignore this strong urge any further, Matt leaves of what remained of his family’s house in Fremantle where he had laid to rest his two sisters who, unlike him, didn’t survive the aftermath of the apocalypse, & set out towards the general direction of the Philippine islands, uncertain of what to expect, not being sure if there was still a Philipppines to arrive to.

Journeying for several months & surviving it, Matt was able to reach what he could undeniably ascertain as the Philippines, discovering that it was now linked inland to Australia as an apparently bigger land mass had absorbed both along with Indonesia, Malaysia & Singapore, covering what was once the ocean & seas around them. Continuing further into the interior of what remained of the Philippines, he finally came upon of what was undoubtedly the remains of Quezon city. Hoping to somehow still find his mother, he was disappointed as he found, instead what remained of his family’s home in the ruins of the city. And he was still in the dark as to the final fate of his father. assuming that he met the same fate that befell his mother.

He continued to linger in the ruins of the former Quezon city, coming into contact & throwing himself with a no. of former city residents. Eventually, the group he found himself with was led, along with many others in different parts of the former city, to the location that eventually came to be the community of Far – View, located within the area of the former Fair View district of Quezon City.

It is now 3 yrs. from the time that Matt found himself settling with the many others that now form the post- apocalyptic town of Far – View. During this time, he has managed to become a ‘Kapatid’ and thus among the ‘Rehilyoso’ which heads the community, although he is still pretty much devoted to the spiritual teachings & cause of the Great White Brotherhood, being certain that the Hierarchical beliefs about the apocalypse period has indeed, & still continues to come to pass. He is then optimistically expectant that men will weather the worst of this period & experience a new golden age of humanity in which men will again take dominion over the world, but this time living in true harmony with each other & more importantly, with nature, being able to learn from the apocalypse & usher in a new world of real peace. He remains committed to the task of helping in any way he can to make this come to pass as soon as possible, seeing his now more influential position in his new community as a step towards this.


AFTERMATH: NIBIRU 2012 ! sarthoth_7